The ARCS range of student clarinets are pre-owned instruments, which have proved to be very popular, set a new standard for rental instruments. Students find them easier to play and will enjoy their first experiences of playing the clarinet so much more and will be more likely to continue to play for many years.

ARCS only use quality models from Buffet, Schreiber, Yamaha and Selmer, which are substantially improved. We do not supply any instruments of lesser quality as the market is flooded with many cheaper but less well made models. These do not help students to get the most out of playing an instrument, perhaps for the first time.

ARCS rental clarinets have all be customised and upgraded with the new ARCS padding system and the thumbrests are moved to a corrected higher position. This means that fewer students will find the clarinet uncomfortable to learn and will be less likely to develop the bad habits associated with the incorrect position of the thumbrest. In addition the new pad system offers a much easier and more accurate closure of the keys, making the clarinet seal and play with less effort.

ARCS rental instruments will be supplied with the new Overture series mouthpieces from Brad Behn.

These mouthpieces have been designed by Brad and Andrew to help improve the tuning of the ABS clarinets, which are generally very sharp. This unique design of mouthpiece is available for purchase at £45 and is only available through Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service. When purchased separately, Brad offers a full refund of the cost against an upgrade to his Artist collection of mouthpieces.

As these customised clarinets perform far better than the standard rental instruments one might expect them to cost more to rent, however, they are amongst the cheapest rentals available!

Prices vary slightly according to the model selected and are listed below. The ARCS B12, 6010  are available for purchase at £350, and the ARCS Selmer Bundy is available for £300, rental payments will be deducted (after three months) from the purchase price (up to 9 months).

Buffet B12 £18 per month minimum first rental period of 3 months* Buffet rental agreement
Schreiber 6010 £18 per month minimum first rental period of 3 months* Schreiber rental agreement
Selmer Bundy£15 per month minimum first rental period of 3 months*ARCS Rental Agreement ARCS Selmer Bundy

* Initial 3 months to be paid in advance then standing order to be setup for ongoing  payments

For further details please email: or speak to Andrew on 07968 555534 for advice on the best option for you.