Andrew will be performing  Bill Connor’s new Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Wind Band which will be premiered at the Philharmonic Hall Liverpool on Sunday 17th June 2018 as part of the MWO’s 40th birthday celebrations for further details see http://www.maghullwindorchestra.co.uk/ 

Andrew has also been invited to perform at the International Clarinet Association’s 2018 Clarinetfest in Ostend see link below


New arrivals

Following on from the success of his mouthpieces, Brad is also now offering his own brand reeds ARIA

We currently have limited stock of strength 3.5-4.5 which are currently £32 inc shipping for a box of ten

Reaction has been extremely positive to these reeds, which offer great  consistency with almost all working straight out of the box!


Behn Mouthpieces

The latest batch of Brad Behn’s mouthpieces are now in stock including his new Behn™ Rod Rubber II model limited availability so don’t wait too long to try these for yourself…

ARCS have been invited to be the guest repairer at the forthcoming CASS event

Why not come and meet us there and brush on your teaching and playing skills too!

This is a special educational event organised by the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain to be held on Sunday 18th February at The Grange Senior School, Hartford, CW8 1LU.

This will be a teacher-pupil day for school-aged children and their instrumental teachers, covering both clarinet and saxophone. The day will include massed ensembles led by James Rae and Rob Buckland, masterclasses, workshops (including exam board sessions), a lunchtime recital featuring Royal Northern College of Music clarinet tutor Chris Swann, trade stands and a final performance featuring the Ebonites and other artists to be confirmed. The timings for the day will be 10am to 6pm (registration from 0930am) and attendance will cost £10 for children and young people under 18, £20 for teachers who are CASSGB members and £30 for teachers who are not CASSGB members.There will also be trade stands with instruments, mouthpieces, reeds and music companies present during the day.

Places can be booked on-line here

Andrew  performed the Guy Woolfenden Concerto, in the presence of  Guy’s widow Jane Woolfenden, on Saturday 18th November 2017 with the  Liverpool Mozart Orchestra in their memorial concert for Guy Woolfenden at Liverpool’s Princes Road Synagogue. He also performed the Weber Concertino and an appropriate encore for the venue, Bela Kovacs brilliant klezmer work Sholem Alekhem Rov Fiedman!  you can watch the video of the encore below





Andrew performing Kovacs Sholem Alekhem (photos curtesy of Alan Humphreys photography)










Check out this pre owned Blashaus crook for sale

Used by Andrew for a number of years, this Blashaus crook is for sale at  a bargain price of  £800 (normal price £1200) this is the equivalent of adding  a turbo charger to your bass clarinet!

For more details click on the For Sale link above

Andrew with the Blashaus Bass clarinetCrook









New educational videos section added

We hope you will find this new section helpful, new items will be added as often as we can however, the workshop is very busy right now so it may take a while. Just click on the link in the menu bar to see the videos on the importance of the correct thumbrest/position

Read what our recent customers have to say…..

Having played on a friend’s clarinet which had been overhauled by Andy using ARCS Mk 5 pads I quickly came to the conclusion that my clarinets were in desperate need of them! I had played on the factory standard clarinets for nearly 4 years, and it had become clear that I had grown accustomed to the problems of the instruments, such as not sealing properly or having to be quite forceful in my finger work; basically putting in 100% and only getting out 50%. I can’t recommend enough the benefit of Andy’s work. Now my clarinets work so much more fluid and with very little effort I am able to get 100% out of my instruments every day. I played in a concert straight after the work had been done and the difference is staggering! Thanks Andy 🙂

Ciaran McQuaid Freelance clarinettist Belfast

I can recommend Andrew Robert’s work wholeheartedly.
As a parent of a talented 13 year old clarinettist the idea of needing to send off a pair of clarinets for an £800 overhaul when we had recently paid £6,000 for them was excruciatingly painful. After all, last year’s ‘service’ had only cost £30, they were almost new weren’t they?
I now see it a different way….Why on earth WOULD you pay that much for a pair of clarinets and then have them function at substandard level? 
We were literally blown away by the level of service that Andrew provides. Not only the detail of his concern that the instruments were working absolutely to their potential, but the concern for my son’s developing hand position, and the problems he has had with his teeth; showing him how to improve his embouchure and texting reminders about how important that is. Finally, selecting exactly the right new mouthpiece for him (and offering a trial period)  even providing a tailor-made service by text supporting us in selecting reeds to match the new mouthpiece.
Andrew Roberts is not only a genius, but a kind, thoughtful professional who really cares for every one of his clients. It is 6 1/2 hours round trip from our house to Andrew Roberts residence, but he has a customer for life.
Jane Mitchell Mother of National Children’s Orchestra Clarinettist & Professional Recorder Teacher/Player


Having tried Helen Pierce’s bass clarinet that had been repaired by Andrew, I was blown away by how much better it felt and sounded so I booked my bass in…What a transformation! It is better than when I first bought it new and it is now a joy to play. Andrew is meticulous in his work and I think the fact that he is a clarinettist is a real advantage in this attention to detail. I now can’t wait to have my other clarinets serviced by him.

Helen James 

Freelance Clarinettist London

I’ve just had my old Selmer Bass clarinet and Eb clarinet overhauled by ARCS and have never enjoyed playing the bass more since then. The instrument is beautifully transformed, with exceptionally quiet key work and incredibly well-sealing pads, making it a pleasure to play. I have friends with new(ish) Selmer basses who are now quite jealous of my old bass! I would recommend ARCS to you as a brilliant investment well worth it. I can’t wait to get my Bb and A instruments done also.

Helen Pierce 

Freelance Clarinettist London

I have the good fortune and privilege of knowing Andy thanks to Francesco Paolo Scola, after trying his clarinets overhauled by ARCS, I realized that my instruments did not play as they should. After 4 years my intruments have just been overhauled again by ARCS, the instruments now resonate far more and are much more fluid and easy, thanks to the unique new pads that Andy makes himself. I have tried many repairers in Germany, Italy, Switzerland … but I don’t know anyone who works to such a high standard and with such passion. Many clarinetists in europe have now tried my “new” clarinets, and were amazed how easy they were to play. The clarinet becomes much more fluid and homogeneous in all registers, allowing the clarinettist to have fun and enjoy their clarinet. I’ve never been so comfortable playing. I invite all my clarinet friends to give their clarinets the ARCS treatment! Grazie mille amico mio!

Alessandro Cirrito, Principal Clarinet Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana

New Pre owned stock now available

We now have some additions to the pre owned stock

 Check the revised list on the for sale section for more exciting additions including ligatures!

Latest arrivals now awaiting preparation in the ARCS workshop

Buffet R13 Greenline

ARCS Buffet R13 A

 New Price!

We have delighted to say that we can now offer these outstanding bass clarinet crooks at a discounted price

If you haven’t tried one yet this is the time to see what it can do for your bass clarinet – its a bit like adding a turbo charger, now with a 10% discount you can enjoy one for less!


 Advertise your second hand instruments

Want to sell your second hand instruments then advertise your second hand clarinets somewhere that will attract interest. With some many hits our website offers the perfect place to add you instrument, include a picture and make it sell quickly. Why pay too much commission? Our initial commission rate of just 5% is the lowest available and will mean you get more cash from your instrument sale. Ask about our enhanced sales offer, you can’t lose! Contact us at sales@theclarinet.co.uk for further details.