Andrew will have an exciting year as he has been invited to return to perform not one but two Concertos  with the  Liverpool Mozart Orchestra in their memorial concert for Guy Woolfenden. Andrew gave the first full performance of Guy ‘s Clarinet Concerto in 1986,  he will perform it again on 18th November 2017 at the Liverpool Princes Road Synagogue along with the Concertino by Carl Maria Von Weber.

Another exciting development came out of a performance with the Maghull Wind Orchestra http://www.maghullwindorchestra.co.uk/ and the British Association of Symphonic Wind Bands and Ensembles, http://www.basbwe.net/  Composer Bill Connor, Chairman of BASBWE, heard Andrew’s performance on Bass Clarinet an as a result Bill be working with Andrew on a new Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Wind Band. Watch this space for further news on this project.

You can also hear Andrew performing with WNO in their forthcoming production of Der Rosenkavalier, by Richard Strauss, on basset horn, with the new wooden crook, and bass clarinet with Blashaus crook, see below.

New educational videos section added

We hope you will find this new section helpful, new items will be added as often as we can however, the workshop is very busy right now so it may take a while. Just click on the link in the menu bar to see the videos on the importance of the correct thumbrest/position


 New Price!

We have delighted to say that we can now offer these outstanding bass clarinet crooks at a discounted price

If you haven’t tried one yet this is the time to see what it can do for your bass clarinet – its a bit like adding a turbo charger, now with a 10% discount you can enjoy one for less!


Why not  treat your clarinet with a visit to the ARCS workshop and unleash it’s potential? Read what our recent customers have to say…..

I have the good fortune and privilege of knowing Andy thanks to Francesco Paolo Scola, after trying his clarinets overhauled by ARCS, I realized that my instruments did not play as they should. After 4 years my intruments have just been overhauled again by ARCS, the instruments now resonate far more and are much more fluid and easy, thanks to the unique new pads that Andy makes himself. I have tried many repairers in Germany, Italy, Switzerland … but I don’t know anyone who works to such a high standard and with such passion. Many clarinetists in europe have now tried my “new” clarinets, and were amazed how easy they were to play. The clarinet becomes much more fluid and homogeneous in all registers, allowing the clarinettist to have fun and enjoy their clarinet. I’ve never been so comfortable playing. I invite all my clarinet friends to give their clarinets the ARCS treatment! Grazie mille amico mio!

Alessandro Cirrito, Principal Clarinet Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana

Ah, my dear old banger! My 48-year-old Moenig bass clarinet has seen and done much around the world, and was rapidly slipping into its dotage: over the years soft metal gradually altering venting, hence tuning, response and finger pressure requirements; tiny cracks emerging; appearance becoming shabby. Over the hill like John Wayne and the cavalry rode the (almost) unflappable Andrew. How he kept his cool with what I had thrown at him I don’t know. Perhaps it was as well I wasn’t around to find  out. He rebuilt all sorts; repositioned holes; repadded the lot; somehow managed to make dodgy key work revert to original positions (or better) with barely any protests from it (I dread to think what A said to it, though!); discovered and sorted tiny cracks…You name it he did it, and did it so expertly that amazingly many things were an improvement on the original when it started life for £208 all those years ago. And it is shiny again too! Many thanks Andrew, for your intimate knowledge of instruments, your skill – and patience in the face of serious adversity!

Ian Mitchell
Clarinettist, Director of Gemini

I’ve just had my old Selmer Bass clarinet and Eb clarinet overhauled by ARCS and have never enjoyed playing the bass more since then. The instrument is beautifully transformed, with exceptionally quiet key work and incredibly well-sealing pads, making it a pleasure to play. I have friends with new(ish) Selmer basses who are now quite jealous of my old bass! I would recommend ARCS to you as a brilliant investment well worth it. I can’t wait to get my Bb and A instruments done also.

Helen Pierce

Freelance Clarinettist London

Andy is a genius….

He has once again made my clarinet feel like it works even better than a new one.

I have been struggling when playing my clarinet recently, so I sent it to Andy, I will not let anyone else touch it, he said it was losing 40% of its air tight seal! He has worked his magic, fixing a crack and replacing a tone hole and fitted his new pads and it now feels amazing and so much easier to blow. Thanks Andy

Sally Harrop

Principal Clarinet Orchestra of the Swan & Clarinet tutor at Birmingham Conservatoire

Having put up with incredibly noisy keywork and other mechanical hinderances for quite some time, I knew my clarinets needed some serious attention. My main fear was that in making improvements, the character of my instruments would be changed irreversibly. I saw Andrew’s work on other instruments, and finally took the plunge with my own. I’m so glad I did. As a performer himself he completely understands the requirements of the individual, and sets about finding solutions that work for you. His approach yields fantastic results, blending the knowledge of a master craftsman with a skilful and experienced performer. Playing is now so much more enjoyable with my “new” instruments. Thanks Andy!

Andrew Mason

Clarinet Opera North & ABRSM Examiner

New Pre owned stock now available

We now have some additions to the pre owned stock

 Check the revised list on the for sale section for more exciting additions including ligatures!

Latest arrivals now awaiting preparation in the ARCS workshop

Buffet RC

Buffet R13

Buffet R13 Greenline

ARCS Buffet R13 A

Price drop for latest ARCS pads

As development continues we have refined the production process for our latest pads reducing the time taken and the cost to the customer!

The new cost for the standard overhaul is now  £420 – down from £460

The workshop is increasingly busy so book early

Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service developments

Our latest development is in the wooden crooks for the Leblanc Basset Horn.

Following on from the barrel concept of retaining more of the energy in the tube with thicker walls, we have produced two prototypes. Both offer a tapered bore for improved intonation. Two different woods have been tried African Blackwood and Cocobolo, they offer a similar improvement in tuning and a different range of colours in the sound with a fuller depth and easier control.


Prototypes of several designs of barrels have been undergoing trials in the last few months and we expect them to be available on request

Models for the E flat Bflat and A clarinet will be available in custom designs, here are some of the results so far including the latest test in Boxwood

Currently these barrels are being played by several Principal Clarinettists in the UK….watch this space

So what is pad mite?

Conventional pads are constructed from either thin leather or fish skin, stretched over felt and cardboard, or if you are a pad mite, food!

Once these little bugs have found their way into your case/instrument they need to be dealt with pretty quickly before the risk of infection becomes serious. There is a simple solution, pad mites don’t like neoprene style pads at all! if you see traces of small white dust you know who to call………ARCS!!

If you are feeling brave checkout the photos below on a recent visitor to the ARCS workshop

IMG_0686 IMG_0695

We are glad to say they have now been dealt with and the instrument has been sterilised!

Further Bass clarinet developments

Having discovered a crack in the middle tenon of a  25 year old bass clarinet( surprising after such a long time) a solution has been provided by sleeving the joint in metal (see pictures below).

IMG_0039 (1) IMG_0050

The result was not only to avoid the crack spreading but a significant improvement in the resonance of the whole instrument. This is quite a big job but one I can recommend, call if you would like more details.

If you own a Selmer Bass clarinet and like me, you have been annoyed by the register mechanism only being sprung open on the crook key, then we have a solution! A spring and catch have been successfully added to my instrument and it is now possible to make faster transitions from notes in the upper register and across the break. Makes me wonder why the manufacturer hasn’t done that

 Advertise your second hand instruments

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