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January Sale 10% off overhaul price limited time only…so book early

We are pleased to say that the Mk5 version of the Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service pads have proved a big success – offering improved performance and longevity

Many of our regular customers have already upgraded to the new model at a discounted price    (POA), which prompted us to offer a seasonal offer of a 10% of the full price of the overhaul with the Mk5 pads.

Normal price- £460 now on offer for at £415 applies bookings made by the end of January 2016 for the period  January – March 2016. Call now to reserve your overhaul and treat you and your clarinet to the best service available at a discount

Meet your servicing costs on a monthly plan?

ARCS is looking at the possibility of introducing a monthly saving scheme to meet your regular servicing costs to avoid a big bill at time your clarinet most needs TLC.

We would be very interested to hear from you about this idea- email  aroberts@theclarinet.co.uk and let us know your thoughts

Successful clients!

Congratulations to ARCS clients  Alessandro Cirrito and Gabriele Sinforini, who came 1st and 2nd in the recent auctions for the Principal Clarinet auditions for the Orchestra Sinfonia Siciliana in Palermo.


Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service developments

Prototypes of several designs of barrels have been undergoing trials in the last few months and we expect them to be available on request in the early part of 2016

Models for the E flat Bflat and A clarinet will be available in custom designs, here are some of the results so far including the latest test in Boxwood

Currently these barrels are being played by several Principal Clarinettists in the UK….watch this space




 Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service” developments

ARCS is always seeking to improve and we are pleased to announce that the latest version  of the ARCS pads, Mk5, is available now!

IMG_0053 (1)

As each pad takes considerably longer to produce there is a premium charge to pay which means a full or haul including Mk5 pads will now cost £460, but if you demand the best these pads are a significant improvement over the existing models and can be resurfaced very easily reducing on going costs. Email aroberts@theclarinet.co.uk for further info or to book your overhaul, remember, there is quite a long waiting list so book early

C#/G# improvement

Continuing with the development of the clarinet ARCS can now offer some significant upgrades to most clarinets. The improved C#/G# is achieved by repositioning and enlarging the tone hole making the note much clearer and less sharp. Please call for details of this customisation option.

Further Bass clarinet developments

Having discovered a crack in the middle tenon of a  25 year old bass clarinet( surprising after such a long time) a solution has been provided by sleeving the joint in metal (see pictures below).

IMG_0039 (1) IMG_0050

The result was not only to avoid the crack spreading but a significant improvement in the resonance of the whole instrument. This is quite a big job but one I can recommend, call if you would like more details.

If you own a Selmer Bass clarinet and like me, you have been annoyed by the register mechanism only being sprung open on the crook key, then we have a solution! A spring and catch have been successfully added to my instrument and it is now possible to make faster transitions from notes in the upper register and across the break. Makes me wonder why the manufacturer hasn’t done that yet?



Read the latest testimonial from a very recent customer below

It is my belief that a good repairer studies the problem from both within and independently of context in order to work a solution. Andrew Roberts is one such example; being a consultant and lecturer on behalf of the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), as well as an experienced and most meticulous clinician for players and instruments, means his results are borne of an holistic approach.

Such is the case with me; whilst I may be a life-long musician and competent clarinettist, there were aspects of my technique which were impacting my instruments beyond the usual wear and tear expected from playing.
Where a previous repairer has in fact denied there was any problem (by refuting my abilities and knowledge of my own instrument) Andrew has worked with me, discussing with me everything from the fundamentals the physics of the clarinet through to the very music. As a result, my understanding and fascination have grown; my instruments have changed beyond all recognition for the better; most importantly, however, my enjoyment of playing my instruments has also been greatly enhanced.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone as knowledgeable and scrupulous as this gentleman; to find those same attributes in someone as personable as Andrew Roberts is rarer still.

Kat Browning RNCM post graduate student


 Silverstein Ligatures

We are pleased to announce that ARCShave the latest CRYO4 models of the outstanding Silverstein Ligatures, check out their site here http://www.silversteinworks.com/ligature/



These ligatures have proved so popular that they are almost out of stock again….

My good friend Les Craven wrote an interesting article on the Silverstein ligatures which you can read here CASS-article-copy

 Reserve reeds

The New Reserve and Reserve Classic reeds are now available through this website. After a period of substantial trials with many players around the UK involved, Reserve reeds now have a new profile and are proving very popular. Why not try them for yourself? Check out the D’Addario website here

 Advertise your second hand instruments

Want to sell your second hand instruments then advertise your second hand clarinets somewhere that will attract interest. With some many hits our website offers the perfect place to add you instrument, include a picture and make it sell quickly. Why pay too much commission? Our initial commission rate of just 5% is the lowest available and will mean you get more cash from your instrument sale. Ask about our enhanced sales offer, you can’t lose! Contact us at sales@theclarinet.co.uk for further details.


I first met Andrew, just after I joined the Ulster Orchestra three years ago, having tried his clarinets during a rehearsal I realised that my ageing Buffet clarinets were not performing as well as they could. This was mostly due to the wear over 15 years since I had never been brave enough to allow any repairer to work on my instruments as I was scared that they might change in the wrong way. Andrew worked on my clarinets in an emergency and it was clear to me that he understood my demands for the instruments. I eventually got the courage to take my instruments to the ARCS workshop in Liverpool and stayed with them to check that everything was done to my satisfaction. I was so happy with the work that was done to my instruments that meant I could play with so much more security and control, this is important to me as the clarinet sound should be flexible and easy to change colours and dynamics. I also found that legato was now much easier to achieve than I had thought possible. During our work together in the Ulster Orchestra I began to trust Andrew’s tuning ability, which is unusual as most repairers cannot play to the highest levels you need to change the tuning of an instrument for another player. I now feel I have the right tuning and setup with my clarinets for the first time in my life, I don’t know anyone else in the UK or in Europe that I trust in this way. My friends, many Principal clarinets around Europe, have been made to try my clarinets and they were all shocked as to how well they worked and how quiet the ARCS pads were. The ease of legato which no other pad has allowed before was a big surprise. I now send my friends and students to ARCS to find out for themselves what they have been missing in their clarinets! A huge thank you to a friend that has made my life easier Francesco Paolo Scola Principal Clarinet Ulster Orchestra

More testimonials…