You can now see the Bass Clarinet Concerto written for Andrew and the Maghull Wind Orchestra by Bill Connor at the Philharmonic Hall Liverpool on the video below



It was great to see some old friends, especially Brad & So Behn https://www.facebook.com/behnmouthpieces/videos/t.700420159/1945258822202090/?type=2&video_source=user_video_tab

Here is the video of the memorial concert for Harry Spaarnay featuring new commissioned works by 5 different composers one of the  highlights of the Clarinetfest 40 bass clarinets players from across the world!

For those who missed it or wish to have the experience again.ClarinetFest 2018 Ostend, BE. Monday 9th July 9:40-10:10Four New Brothers & Friends (40 Bass Clarinet Players from all over the world).Thanks for making the video: Juan Francisco Vicente BecerroWorld Premiere: The Parliament of Reeds by Cornelius Boots, Beth Custer, Stephan Vermeersch, Eric P. Mandat, Jon Russell. An Homage to Harry Sparnaay and Guido Six. Great conductor: Hedwig SwimbergheWe count on you to share this amazing realisation: bringing people, composers, public together from all over the world. Music Unites People.this World Premiere is dedicated to Richard Nunemaker, the godfather of the Four New Brothers.

Posted by Stephan Vermeersch on Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Here are a few photos from the event

Latest customers reviews

My Buffet RC Prestige is now 35 years old and had been subjected to ten years of heavy use since you last serviced it.

The whole instrument has been restored to its former glory. I would even go so far as to say that it now plays better-than-new thanks to the new ARCS MK5 pads you have fitted. These, in combination with the felt you use instead of cork, make for a totally noiseless action. It’s a small but vital point, and one I wasn’t expecting, but I love the cushioned thumbrest you have created. I was previously thinking of trying something like the Kooiman thumbrest but the cushioning you have provided on the existing thumbrest suits me well and is really comfortable. Overall the marked improvements are:

Intonation – noticeably improved in the altissimo register.

Speaking – rapid staccato tonguing is now a joy across all registers and notes that were sometimes reluctant, such as top D, now speak freely.

Tone –  is improved and is more flexible at all dynamic levels. The bottom register is also beautifully rich.

Keywork – somehow the keys feel tighter into the instrument. There is an evenness in the action that allows your fingers to “ripple around”. It’s fun!

In a word, the clarinet is now effortless. It finally sounds like me, rather than like me fighting to be me. Many thanks for your expertise in restoring a much-loved instrument.

Chris Evans MA

Solo Clarinet, Waterloo Band of The Rifles

Thank you Andy for the fantastic work you have done overhauling both my A and Bb clarinets. I was beginning to feel frustrated that the clarinets were stuffy and not projecting fully across the range, plus the key work was noisy, and didn’t sit correctly under my fingers. The main difference now is that they play freely and I feel like they are working with me, rather than against me. I now feel that I don’t have to work as hard to achieve the result I want. Thank you also for cleaning them up and making them look like new again. I would highly recommend your overhaul service to colleagues and pupils’

Emily Anderson, clarinet teacher RWCMD Junior Conservatoire

I have only known Andy personally a short time, but I have been aware of him for considerably longer, having blown several colleagues instruments that have had the ‘ARCS’ magic performed on them. He worked on my B&H 1010, improving the C#/G# note by removing and fitting a custom C#/G# tone hole and reshaping the key. He also tweaked and altered the shape and feel of the key-work to make it feel more like a Buffet. What a massive improvement. He has since gone on to adjust my R13 ‘A’ clarinet to correct two very stuffy notes, and has done a complete overhaul of My Buffet S1 Bb clarinet using his latest Mk 5 pads. 
Andy is a genius, not only is he a wonderful soloist/clarinet player himself, but is also a marvellous technician. He is able to offer his personal knowledge of playing to advise you and then execute the highest level of workmanship to his repairs, modifications and overhauls. He is very easy to communicate with, and from the very outset, it is clear that he knows everything there is to know about clarinets. He is also able to offer advise on everything from posture to mouthpiece choice, (I am now using a Brad Behn mouthpiece purchased from Andy). 

Thanks so much Andy.

Mike Read, freelance woodwind Specialist and Tutor Leicestershire

Just wanted to drop you a line as promised and tell you how pleased I am with the overhaul you did on my Bb clarinet. The whole thing is balanced beautifully and plays so evenly and smoothly! It responds like a new instrument. It’s always daunting handing over an instrument for repairs, but I know how seriously you take your work and so I knew I could trust you to do your absolute best for me. You didn’t disappoint! Your patience in helping me get to the bottom of an issue which had been plaguing me (and other instrument technicians!) for months was greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to get the A done now. Thank you so much for the new lease of life you’ve given to my much-loved Buffet 

Anne Harper Freelance clarinettist Belfast

Andrew  performed the Guy Woolfenden Concerto, in the presence of  Guy’s widow Jane Woolfenden, on Saturday 18th November 2017 with the  Liverpool Mozart Orchestra in their memorial concert for Guy Woolfenden at Liverpool’s Princes Road Synagogue. He also performed the Weber Concertino and an appropriate encore for the venue, Bela Kovacs brilliant klezmer work Sholem Alekhem Rov Fiedman!  you can watch the video of the encore below

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Beautiful Buffet Festival A clarinet



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