New BAM Trekking double clarinet case £190
Pre-owned Buffet A clarinet single case £60 Sold!
Pre Owned soft Bass clarinet case 1 available £60
Pre Owned Selmer Bass clarinet back pack style case £75 Sold!
New Buffet Bass hard clarinet case £150
New Back pack style single Clarinet case £50


Rovner B flat clarinet £15

Harrison Bass clarinet with cap £80

Older Buffet with cap B flat clarinet £10

BG custom B flat clarinet £15

Daniel Bonade Inverted B flat clarinet no cap £15 Sold!

Daniel Bonade B flat clarinet no cap £15

Vandoren Optimum clarinet Ligature metal cap £50

Vandoren Optimum Ligature no cap £40

Gigliotti clarinet ligature and cap £15

Gigliotti clarinet ligature no cap £10

BG France tradition gold plated ligature and cap £45

BG France tradition Silver plated ligature and cap £40

Ligaphone clarinet ligature and cap £30

Rovner  B flat clarinet ligature no cap £10

Rover  light B flat clarinet ligature no cap £10

Rovner  Bass clarinet ligature no cap £10


ARCS tuning rings set

Set of 4 1&2 mm in a storage case for top and bottom sockets of the barrel to improve tuning by eliminating the gap in the bore when you pull the barrel out. Custom lengths are available on request.
Email enquires to or call 07968 555534 for advice on improving your intonation.