Pre-owned mouthpieces from the Chris King collection

David Hite M41 mouthpieces – 2 available £130 each
Charles Bay MO £130
Walter Grabner £130
Vandoren B40 £70
Vandoren Crystal A2 £85 Sold!

Vandoren 5RV £70

Pre-owned B flat mouthpieces

Richard Hawkins Standard model £110
Vandoren M30 £75
Leblanc Larry Combs model £75
Morgan RM 06 £110

Richard Hawkins model B £90

Early Richard Hawkins £70

Richard Hawkins S model £90

Bass Clarinet mouthpieces

Pre owned Vandoren B40 £85
Pre owned Vandoren B45 £85

Bradford BehnARCS carries a selection of the Zinner based clarinet mouthpieces from the outstanding make Bradford Behn, which are available an initial trial period of two weeks.
This make of mouthpiece is becoming increasingly popular with professional players throughout the UK and US including Andrew Roberts. For further information look at
This design is with a 101 tip opening and 34-35 length in the lay which work well with No 4 Vandoren Blue Box reeds. The retail price is £160 for the clarinet mouthpiece and £170 for the E flat clarinet mouthpiece Email: for further information.