ARCS Clarinets

ARCS Leblanc Opus Bflat 

Currently awaiting upgrade in the workshop, this top of the range clarinet has had very little use and is in fabulous condition. Once the ARCS magic has been applied to it, this instrument will be one of the finest examples available.

Price including Behn mouthpiece £3790

Without Behn mouthpiece £3600

New Thomann Carbon fibre case + £85

ARCS Leblanc Opus Bflat

 Pre Owned ARCS Leblanc Sonata B flat clarinets – last few remaining 

These instruments are in very good condition and can be supplied in the original hard case or a new backpack style case is available for an extra £45. This model can compete with instruments costing twice the price the quality of the wood is exceptional. The instruments have been re-built and have the latest ARCS pads fitted. Like all ARCS clarinets, these instruments have a three year warranty* for peace of mind.
There is also the option of a Brad Behn Artist mouthpiece at a reduced cost.

Price including Behn mouthpiece £1370
Without Behn mouthpiece £1200

New Leblanc backpack case + £45

New Thomann Carbon fibre case + £85


ARCS Leblanc Sonata

 Pre Owned ARCS Leblanc Esprit B flat clarinet £1400 SOLD!

This rare instrument  is a serious alternative to the Buffet R13, with inline trill keys and a very good tuning scale this increasingly rare model are being prepared in the workshop now

ARCS Leblanc Esprit

Price including Behn mouthpiece £1575
Without Behn mouthpiece £1400

New Leblanc backpack case + £45

New Thomann Carbon fibre case + £85

Very rare ARCS Leblanc Esprit B flat nickel plated keywork – Last  available ever! Out on approval!

In beautiful  unused condition this is one of the last remaining instruments to leave the Leblanc factory. This rare instrument is a serious alternative to the Buffet R13, with inline trill keys and a very good tuning scale this increasingly rare model is being prepared in the workshop now

With Behn Artist model mouthpiece £1670
Without Behn mouthpiece £1500

ARCS Leblanc Concerto A

Pre owned ARCS Leblanc Concerto  A 

This instrument was one of the last to come out of the factory and is a ” new” instrument. These are beautiful instrument  ready for sale now having had the ARCS upgrade. It is supplied in a new BAM Trekking double case.

With Behn Artist model mouthpiece £3200
Without Behn mouthpiece £3000

Beautiful Pre owned 2003 ARCS Buffet Festival A clarinet £2400 

This instrument was sold by us  3 years ago but is now seeking a new home! From the golden or vintage period of Buffet’s production, this instrument has stunning wood, amongst the best we have ever seen from Buffet and  has lovely even in tune scale and the sound many newer models are lacking. It  will be ready to go soon so don’t hang around selling at £1000 less than the new price with the advantage of a full ARCS overhaul

Supplied with  a Buffet Double case but there is an option for an upgrade to a BAM Carbon Fibre Trekking double case for just £120!

Pre owned 1980’s model R13 B flat clarinet  SOLD!
In great condition and now fully overhauled with ARCS  Mk 5 pads really special sounding clarinet! Supplied in a new BAM Trekking single case

With Behn Artist model mouthpiece £2125
Without Behn mouthpiece £1950

Pre-Owned Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service Yamaha YCL 26 mk11 SOLD!

These instruments are available for rental periods of up to one year, or for immediate purchase. Supplied with ARCS pads and a Behn Overture mouthpiece. This has been especially designed to improve the intonation of these student models. With an improved Kooiman  thumbrest fitted, this instrument gives students the best start to excellence in clarinet playing. The cases for these instruments may have some marks as they are pre owned, but they are available with upgraded backpack style cases for additional cost.

Price including Behn Overture Mouthpiece £320
With upgraded case £360

*Three year warranty does not cover accidental damage, cracks to the body/barrel/bell or to any plating.