Secondhand Instruments

ARCS Buffet Vintage B flat   £2300

In very good condition this instrument was originally sold by us and has been  well maintained and has the latest Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service mk5 pads . The top joint had cracked some years ago which has been successfully repaired, it also has a Kooiman Etude 3 thumbrest at present but an original adjustable thumbrest can be retro fitted if requested.

Buffet Vintage B flat

Reference Mason

ABS body Bass clarinet (no makers name) £650ono

In very good condition and with little use, this instrument is for sale due to upgrading to a new instrument.

ABS bass clarinet

Reference Tooze

Buffet E11 £350 ono

This instrument has had some small amounts of attention in the ARCS workshop and could be offered with the full overhaul subject to extra costs agreed in advance. The backpack case is in good if not perfect condition and there is a Buffet mouthpiece supplied with this instrument.

At half the price of a new model this intermediate instrument offer good value for money.

Buffet E11

Reference Bone

Buffet Festival A clarinet with full ARCS overhaul £2550 ono

Previously owned by a top London professional this instrument is in excellent condition and has been given the ARCS upgrade with MK5 pads. With two barrels and a double case and case cover this will be an excellent choice for anyone needing a great quality A at a reasonable price

Reference Woodcock

ARCS Buffet Festival A


ARCS Ridenour Lyrique £600 ono SOLD!

Recently upgraded to ARCS MK5 pads this clarinet offers two barrels and is a good alternative to wood clarinets as it is made from Ebonite. Designed by the previous acoustician for Leblanc the scales is very good and it plays very evenly reduced for quick sale

ARCS Ridenour Lyrique

Reference Strand

Very Rare  King Marigaux Clarinet in A £600 ono SOLD!

This instrument has been serviced in the ARCS workshop and is in excellent condition. It is a rare example with a slightly larger bore, the instrument and comes with a bored out Vandoren B40 (marked 1010)

A budget A clarinet from a quality, if little known maker, Marigaux are famous for their professional oboes

Reference Wilson

IMG_0934 IMG_0931

Reduced  Price!

Pair of Boosey & Hawkes clarinets Emporer Bflat & Edgware A clarinet £450 ono

Approximately 40 years old these instruments have been left to the owner who are hoping to find a new home for them.

In need of some work but a bargain for a pair of clarinets in wood with silver plated keys. Reference Smith 


French made simple system clarinet in Bflat £75 ono

No makers name on this instrument other than made in France stamp, will need some attention but priced to sell and case in  good condition

Reference Smith


Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Eflat clarinet £1200 On approval!

Available soon, awaiting the ARCS upgrade this Eflat is in good condition it has cracked  in the past but repaired in the ARCS workshop it will play to a very good standard and is good value for a rare instrument. Reference Baker

IMG_0057 IMG_0056