Secondhand Instruments

Very good condition 1970’s Golden era Buffet R13 £1300  SOLD!

In very good condition for it’s age and with nickel plated keys it has been with the original Japanese owner owner until now. A rare chance to pick up a really collectable vintage R13, it is in need of an overhaul but this can be included at extra cost. Priced competitively  to sell quickly so don’t delay

Ref Chao


Mint condition ARCS Buffet Vintage A £2800 ono offer

Supplied by ARCS and overhauled to our exacting standards with MK4 pads fitted, this instrument has had a very small amount of use due to the owners problem playing the clarinet, which makes it a steal, as the list price and the additional ARCS work mean it represents a saving of £1200 !

Reference Davis

ARCS Buffet Vintage B flat   £2300

In very good condition this instrument was originally sold by us and has been  well maintained and has the latest Andrew Roberts Clarinet Service mk5 pads . The top joint had cracked some years ago which has been successfully repaired, it also has a Kooiman Etude 3 thumbrest at present but an original adjustable thumbrest can be retro fitted if requested.

Buffet Vintage B flat

Reference Mason

Buffet Festival A clarinet with full ARCS overhaul £2550 ono

Previously owned by a top London professional this instrument is in excellent condition and has been given the ARCS upgrade with MK5 pads. With two barrels and a double case and case cover this will be an excellent choice for anyone needing a great quality A at a reasonable price

Reference Woodcock

ARCS Buffet Festival A


Karl Hammerschmidt was one of the iconic clarinet makers of the 20th century.  This is a handmade instrument which may date from the 1960’s.  If you like the idea of a clarinet which plays with something approaching the “authentic Viennese sound” but is a Boehm system instrument then perhaps this is the clarinet for you.  The instrument has been worked on extensively by Andrew and is in excellent playing condition for an instrument of this age.



Reference Watts


French made simple system clarinet in Bflat

Reduced price

£50 ono

No makers name on this ebonite instrument other than made in France stamp, will need some attention but priced to sell and case in  good condition

Reference Smith


Boosey & Hawkes Imperial Eflat clarinet £1200 

Available soon, awaiting the ARCS upgrade this Eflat is in good condition it has cracked  in the past but repaired in the ARCS workshop it will play to a very good standard and is good value for a rare instrument. Reference Baker

IMG_0057 IMG_0056